The Secrets to Looking Smarter In Pictures and Feel Awesome

Aren’t all of us nervous when the camera person appears? Are we standing the right way? Is the chin straight? It happens due to our experiences of looking dull in pictures before. Let us delete all those ordinary photographs to make way for really smart ones. Stand back as you will witness the secrets of looking better in photographs.

Keeping things conventional

If you want to look smarter in your photographs then being ‘conventional’ works.  You will have to sacrifice on funny photos, and eccentric angles as your charming flair might not gain attention on a public platform.

People with admired social media profiles hardly post goofy photos of themselves for they have to play safely in order to maintain the amount of respect them possess. Females are required to show off their natural style and intelligence, while men can stick to classic outfits for better recognition.

However, if you’re known for pulling off goofy stuff, then there is no need to pose pictures where you are faking a calm demeanour.

Be active

Boring portraits look really good but on rare occasions- like graduation pics and yearbook photos. In general, people like photographs that display some form of activity. Such photos are considered smart, entertaining and elite. If you have a hobby, then click some pictures of you in action. Not only will your followers see something refreshing, but others sharing the same interests will also get in touch.

For instance, you can show your football or artistic skills to become a unique identity and command other’s interest.

Do not over smile

Remember, an open-mouthed smile won’t please people other than the ones who already admire you. Although, you might be giving your most genuine smile yet people who do not know you could see you as a creep.

Yes, you should smile but do not oversell you clean and white teeth. Females should avoid a grin and men should go for a close-mouthed smile with a bit enlarged eyes. As a rule of thumb, you will become highly likeable if you do not try to impress others.

Wear glasses

You might have heard it since times immemorial but would have hardly noticed the difference eyewear makes.  Now, we are not talking about the diamond cut supermodels that do not need glasses to portray face symmetry.  We are focusing on the general public that has a lot of flaws ranging from crooked nose to a disproportionate jawline.

Eyewear has the power to make anyone’s face look in proportion with regard to the camera angles, be it a kid’s or an adult’s. It allows us to stay sharp and also hide our eyes, which have not been trained to characterize a certain emotion. That is why many, including kids of this generation, often opt for eyewear during a photoshoot (those interested can source trendy glasses for kids from here).

Do not slouch

Hunching will make you look lethargic and shorter, no matter how tall or active you are. It will also result in unwanted stomach rolls, which is something nobody wants to show off in their pictures. Remember to straighten up and stand tall to showcase the real you.

Practice your stance, poses and smile in the mirror, and you will become comfortable with the camera.

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