About me

Social Warrior is an effort to impart new life in the dying industry of lifestyle blogging.  The website serves every aspect of our modern lifestyle, where things have become much more uncomfortable than before.  We believe that lifestyle blogging has a great impact on its readers, and this platform can be used to create a better and positive world. We don’t just want to talk about the latest diet fads but real issues that matter to you.

Thus, we are focused on helping people in need of emotional help and also tell about novelties, which can better our life. After managing the website for several years, we are proud to say that our efforts have guided people through the most honorific conditions possible.  Time and again, our readers have shared their stories about the benefits of learning from our website.

Nonetheless, it’s a great opportunity for us to tell you about the story of our beloved website.  You might not know that we are fashion industry veterans who are trying to educate people over many things they don’t have any idea about. In our quest to become a guiding force, we have learned a lot of new things from psychology to financial tips and tricks.  It has helped us to tackle various problems our readers have come up with.  Without wasting any more time, we will tell you about the life of this website.

Long before developing this portal, we were in the fashion industry. We worked for a long time, but the urge to help others never settled. While talking to each other, we realized that our end goal is somewhat the same.  We made sure that after quitting our jobs, we would get in touch with as many people as possible.  After guiding hundreds of people, we felt the need for a website. It was then we decided to reach out to the world to share our knowledge and wisdom. However, a website’s development was not a piece of cake.

We knew nothing about the technicalities of creating a website. All we were capable of was the creation of a basic website which would hardly attract someone who did not know us.  As per expectations, our efforts were not paying off, and we were losing time without any progress. But to our luck, we met some like-minded people who were ready to help in our journey.

To start with, we managed to create a website that matched industry standards. It escalated the traffic on our website to a new height, and since then we haven’t looked back. However, we had to work 24×7 to get a decent amount of content on our website. We interacted with lots of people about their life and experiences that shaped their destiny. After a few months, we realized that things had not changed much. The people that lived before us and the one that will live after will be facing more or less the same problems.  Luckily, the solutions will also remain the same.

We realized that we carry the power of facing any uncertainty in life if only we comprehend our true potential. In our journey to better understand people, we read a lot of literature and teachings from great scholars like Gautam Buddha. It helped us in having a better perception of life. Finally, we started taking questions from our readers who wanted to share their feelings no one knew about.  We were excited and content at the same time for we were living the dream we saw years ago.  Following the routine, we trained others to guide those who couldn’t reach us.

Currently, we are connected with thousands of people who are regular readers and also share their suggestions now and then. We feel blessed to serve people while sitting back at our chair writing articles. More than anything else, we will work hard to keep up with your expectations. From realizing a dream of managing a successful website, we have come a long way. We would like to thank and congratulate every person who has helped us in the creation and development of this website.

You can talk to us about your thoughts and ideas, and we will acknowledge your words with a fitting reply.  Thanks again!