Build A Following

Social media platforms have given us a huge opportunity to connect with the entire world. It has allowed people to tell stories and inspire others to believe in their ideology. People hailing from even the most underprivileged backgrounds are now able to create content and affect the lives of millions. Thus, social media is the new age cosmos, where the only hurdle is your creativity.

However, creating a following on social media is not a cakewalk. Adding more people in your account and maintaining their loyalty is easier said than done. There are countless accounts working day in day out to attract more visitors. Moreover, the process of creating original content is time-consuming, which often creates a rift among the followers.

We will discuss the basics of building and maintaining a following from scratch. The fundamentals will be the same for every creator irrespective of the subject they deal with. It’s a long process which demands complete commitment and passion towards your cause. Let us understand the principles of social media engagement.

Select a platform wisely

In the first place, you will have to choose the best social media platform per your content. You do not have to market yourself on every social media possible. Rather you should stick to one or two websites that cater to the audience of your choice.

To understand a social media channel like Facebook, you will have to acknowledge its priorities. You should research about the people who use it. Carry on the research only if the engaged people have demand for your product. If not, then there is no benefit in wasting time and effort to impress unimportant people.

Go for a platform where your audience thrives, so you connect more easily. Moreover, choose a channel where you can put in a hundred percent efforts. Your engagement levels with the followers will determine their loyalty towards your content.

Create an impressive profile

To attract the most followers, one must complete their profile professionally. Casually written sentences and poor quality images are bound to repel followers. Allow users to have a sneak peek of your personality and the product you are advocating. Your profile picture and the about section is part of the branding and should be carefully crafted.

In case you are part of a bigger network, then each person should create the same profile targeting the same audience. Take time to create the profile as everything you post on the account can be used against your brand.

Know your competition

As said before, you are not the only one promoting an idea. There are hundreds of accounts with a somewhat similar vision. Some of them are not shy to use unethical ways to curb their competition. Hence, you should have complete information about your rivals even if they are insignificant.

Take note of their content, time of their activities, their sharing schedule, and the overall strategy. Eventually, you will be better equipped to develop a superior plan for your account. You should also ensure that your profile isn’t negatively accounted for anywhere around the web, especially in your socials. If you do not have the time, look for a personal reputation management service provider that can keep an eye out for your online image.

Connect with influencer

It is more than likely to come across a few accounts with a huge following. You can use their contacts to improve your database too. Connect with them and try to make out a plan with mutual benefits. Your collaboration with an established account will expose you to a huge pool of followers. If worthy of appreciation, your account will get a lot of attention from a single collaboration.

Use paid advertising

Organic marketing can provide you as much coverage, but paid promotions can take your channel to the next level. You have to create awesome content, and the rest will be taken care of by your platform. There are many cost-effective plans which market your content to the region and audience of your choice.

Engage with followers

Create a more personal relationship through regular engagement with your followers by either answering their questions or by sharing a live stream. It will help your audience to connect with your brand, and probably they will fell deeply invested too.


Developing a faithful following is a hard task. Majority of people give up just before their channel starts to receive authentic popularity. It’s important that you continue your efforts in the right direction to achieve your goals.