Standing Out On Social Media

Social media has become a jam-packed sphere where creators are indulging in a cut-throat competition to outdo each other. Every day new accounts get added to the already congested digital world. These accounts represent a hunger to get attention at any cost. You might have come across accounts which provide sensational content to attract the casual audience. Hence, it’s hard to survive as a creator, let alone becoming the best.

But, the solution to this issue is right in front of our eyes. You might be shocked to know, but not all of us require viral content to become popular. Those who steadily create a niche of the audience enjoy more benefits in the long run. They are cherished by an audience which is loyal to the core, unlike overnight successes that are forgotten within weeks.

Let’s acknowledge the fundamental steps of creating a mark on social media. Here we will not guide you towards shortcuts but inform the legitimate tips of standing out from the crowd of creators.

Create a brand

Any person on social media is more than the brand he/she is promoting. They become a commodity in themselves, and their personality is looked upon as a brand. It provides a great opportunity for those who have a charismatic charm. However, not all of us give ample attention to creating a persona for ourselves.

You should support an ideology on these platforms. If you are creative enough, then make a new personality but stay authentic to your values. Let people know what you stand for something, and they will not be able to overlook you ever again.

Develop a theme

When talking about Instagram, a theme can elevate an account’s status like nothing else. You should always stick to a specific approach. All your images and videos must be in a particular colour palette. With time, the overall look of your profile will change and will communicate a unique feel about your brand.

Normally, creatively themed accounts are more pleasing to the eyes. Furthermore, this track sets the mood of your followers while expressing your vision. However, you can change themes per your likings yet use them for a while before installing another one.

Upload the best visuals

Social media platforms are more tilted towards visuals compared to words. Thus, you should upload only the best images and videos. There is no point in being active over your channel by posting mediocre content. Only use high-quality visuals which connect to your personality and brand.

Also, be creative with your content. Show things from angles that are not popular yet. Create a story with your visuals and let your audience feel special.

Captions matter

Context has always been a dark horse in relation to visuals, but its importance cannot be denied. Your captions are a great tool to write a captivating story behind the images and videos you just uploaded. It allows a follower to connect with you on a personal level as they relate with the subject matter.

Try to write in a tone which emphasis on a conversation rather than one-sided communication. After more indulgence with the audience, you will be better equipped to create better content and write meaningful captions.

Repeat the content

The trend of recurring events and posts has been quite active on social media. The trick is being used by new to established creators alike. You can host a weekly live stream and indulge in a question and answer round. A best of the month slideshow can also be created, and shoutouts can be given to the best comments.

The method relies on the fact that people love repeated actions. It allows you to connect with the audience, get more creative, showcase your personality and add value in the life of your followers.

But, we do not advise you to post the same content repeatedly, or the audience will look at it as a fraud with originality. There are people ready to judge you on every step, so be cautious of whatever you do.


It’s hard to achieve a mark on social media platforms unless you work hard and show consistency. Your efforts will impress even the strictest critiques, and their support will make your channel bigger with each passing day.