If These Things Are Happening, Then She Definitely Likes You

In striking contrast to popular belief, women are not hard to understand. Their emotions can be easily cracked by learning about their behaviour patterns. In case you are confused about dating a girl, then reading the below-mentioned hacks will boost your confidence to a whole new level.

She meets you abruptly

If a girl is meeting you “accidentally” on a regular basis, then these are nothing less than pre-planned crashes. The so-called coincidences will usually happen in a party, cafe or any other crowded place where the possibilities of a meeting are high.

Brave girls have the tendency of taking the first step by meeting you intentionally. Meanwhile, the shy ones will not contact you directly but will be lurking around alone or with her friend whispering and smiling with rare eye contacts. If she is really into you, then she will pass by you multiple times in the hope of a conversation.

In such cases, you must act cool even if your heart is pounding hysterically. Talk with her and let her know that you are not overly excited to see her. Still, open up about the possibilities of a date.

Spontaneous touches

First of all, if a girl likes you, then she will try hard to be with you as long as possible. Secondly, she won’t miss a chance to make a physical contact like a shoulder rub, fixing your hair, touching your arm, etc. Try to look at her face the next time this happens as she will portray a certain emotion or smile. 

Do not forget to make her feel comfortable without being a jerk. Sometimes girls do not like guys who become overly attached due to their efforts.

Playing with hair 

The age-old technique of judging a girl’s emotions still works fine.  If she runs her hand through her hair and plays with them while talking to you, then she is highly interested in getting your attention. It happens because subconsciously the girl tries to look beautiful for you.

A shy and nervous girl will repeatedly touch her hair while a bold one will slowly caress her hair in a charming and alluring manner.

To keep up with her actions, you can pull off a genuine smile with continuous eye contact.


Girls tend to smile more often with a person they like and also laugh even at the most mildly hilarious joke of their crush. They love to share space with someone who can make them smile, but excessive entertainment might hinder your chances of becoming her boyfriend.

She will smile at you and hope for you to react as it will display mutual adoration. Although her smile can be the most effective hint to showcase her affection, you must not fall for it in the absence of the above-stated points.


Girls tend to communicate their feelings regularly. You just have the catch these hints and make some efforts without wasting any time. Remember, they will accept your silence as a denial. However, these points are not absolute.

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