So, You Have Been Rejected: Stand Up and Deal with It!

So, You Have Been Rejected: Stand Up and Deal with It!

We understand that this might be a harsh time in your life, and things have become dark and gloomy. But this is also the moment when you understand the power of your attitude towards rejection.  If you are all set to transform yourself into a confident and self-content beast, then read this blog until the end.

Recognise your emotions

The fundamental of accepting rejection lies within our attitude towards accepting the pain that we have just encountered. You should never hide from acknowledging your emotions even if they are uncomfortable ones, like sadness, disappointment or embarrassment. Feel confident enough about your ability to handle uncomfortable situations which allows you to cope up with the discomfort more easily. 

Irrespective of your situation, rejection is hard to handle. You can minimize the pain by realizing that nothing is perfect, and you cannot control everything. Face your emotions head-on, and you will become the master of your thoughts.

Take rejection as a gift

People with a strong mentality tend to be realistic and optimistic about whatever comes their way. They know that rejection is an inevitable part of life, which has to be experienced in order to become a better personality.

If you have never been rejected, then you might be living too safely nested within your comfort zone, which limits your growth. To be sure about the sincerity of your efforts, you must look out for rejection as evidence of your hard work. People are only rejected when they put themselves out, which is really important to gain success.

Be compassionate

Do not commit the mistake of thinking negatively about yourself for committing a dumb mistake. You are the best version of yourself and must include compassion in your thoughts. Be affirmative about your losses and accept them as a fact which will guide you towards a better life. Those who belittle themselves for the slightest misery are bound to feel depressed all the time.

There is nothing wrong in losing a beloved person or a job you had been thinking about. These are parts and parcels of life that make you wiser and more mature. Try to be your best friend by doing mental drills on a regular basis. Nothing can beat you till you don’t back down.

Rejection is not your definition

You have to be resilient enough to think yourself as a person who will not declare their incompetency even in the gravest situations. Rejection from your crush does not mean that you will remain unloved for the entire life. Rather, it is a learning curve that will help you choose a better partner down the road.  It comes down to one’s view; you are your own mentor.

People don’t get rejected because they are ugly, fat, unworthy of love, disgusting, or a loser. They get rejected because the other person doesn’t feel the way you do for them. You were not rejected because you are pathetic, but because the other person didn’t feel love for you or didn’t find you compatible. A strong man doesn’t let this small incident become a precedent for his entire life.

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