How to Properly Clean my Vinyl Flooring

No matter what kind of brand or design you opt for in luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, they all require the same amount of care and consideration to keep them looking great and their warranty in check. After you speak to professional wood flooring installers and get what you want with a new floor, you are going to need to know how to keep it as ‘new’ as possible.

For those who have recently purchased the lowest price Amtico flooring, you have chosen a leading brand that protects against all kinds of threats that regular flooring would fall victim to. Whilst not only perfectly replicating the look of real hardwoods and stone designs, but it also comes easy to self-install and incredibly easy to keep clean and shiny.

Keeping It Like New

When looking at how to keep your vinyl flooring clean, you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple it really can be.

Regular sweeping of the floor as little as once-daily keeps the floor free from dust and debris but be sure not to use metallic fiber brushes as these can wear down the design layer over time. It also prevents the buildup of pests in the corners and behind furniture. However, if you already have a pest problem, then before you start the next step you might want to call in some Pest Control Experts (https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/) to rid the house of any infestation. This step prepares it for the next phase which is a simple mop with warm soapy water. This can be mixed with vinegar to help it get its shine.

Amtico also offers a range of floor care products that are highly recommended. If you opt for other floor care products, be sure that they are not waxed based as they will affect your floor and warranty.

If you choose to undertake a quarterly deep clean of your floor you can utilise an approved Amtico floor stripper. It will require redressing using Amticos own flooring dressing and ensuring all dirt and debris is cleared.

Eliminate All Risks

Though highly protected, the Amtico Signature collection and even the cheapest Amtico flooring in UK will require some measures to be taken to get the best out of the product.

Protective pads underneath your furniture footing will help prevent deep scratches that can seriously affect your wear layer with deep scuffs – Ideal for heavy sofas and chairs as well as heavy stone slab coffee tables. If you get new furniture in the future remember that this measure will need to be undertaken again, which will be good to hold in consideration with your choosing.

Be sure that any water spills are cleaned up straight away and not left on the floor. Although vinyl is 100% waterproof, long periods with lots of water is no good to your flooring lifespan and could cause adhesive to become weakened.

There are many helpful tips to keep your flooring looking perfect, and your supplier can provide you with a full list of guidelines to help it remain the strongest floor to invest in.

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