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Recovering from an Over-indulgence Cheat Day

Ranadivi, 27, decided to get in shape for her upcoming wedding by working out at Insanity Fitness and AcroFit in Barrington. A busy mom of three children, she decided that a workout at Insanity was the perfect fit.

Ranadivi said, “On Sunday, December 15th, I got ready to go to work with Insanity Fitness. On my way out, I noticed my car had a flat tire. After I changed my tire and was on my way, I was stopped at a traffic light. I started to get nervous and freak out. I was thinking to myself, why am I panicking? Why am I getting emotional? What’s wrong with me?”

“I started looking around to see if anyone else was freaking out, and noticed that everyone was smiling and laughing. I started thinking to myself, what’s wrong with me? Why am I freaking out? What’s wrong with this place? I just had a couple of glasses of wine and was over-indulging in my cheat day. I was thinking about the wedding I was getting ready for on Saturday and how my body wasn’t moving correctly. I started crying,” she recalled.

Ranadivi called a tow truck and was able to get to work. Once she arrived at Insanity, she said, “I left a good tip and apologized for my behavior. As I was leaving, I thought, ‘I just finished an amazing workout, how am I freaking out? Why am I crying?'”

“I was feeling guilty but also thinking, ‘I’m fine, it’s my fault,'” Ranadivi continued. “I went to work and told my boss that I had to go to the dentist. I thought I could handle the dentist, but after I had to wait for 20 minutes, I started to get anxious. I told my boss I had to go, that I was going to be late.”

Once at the dentist, Ranadivi said, “I started getting emotional. I was getting nervous and was thinking that I’m going to be late to a big event with my family. The dental staff was asking why I was getting upset, but I had to leave.”

“When I got home, I knew I needed to clean my house and throw away my cheat meal and take it back to the store. I was thinking I could stop after this weekend and be done, but if I was ever going to succeed, I’d need to make an instantaneous change — as in start or stop NOW!”

In many other ways and through many other elements of your life, you’re likely made to wait a bit for anything which you are indeed eagerly anticipating. The best online casinos that pay out quickly never really pay out instantly, although they pay out quickly enough, for instance. Take cues from these other aspects and elements of your life.

In other words, create some kind of delay mechanism for gratification and keep in mind that there’ll always be a next time. That way you will be train yourself to resist the urge to go overboard in your indulgence or over-indulgence.

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