At-Home Drinking Options to Skip the Bar (Without Buying Tons of Ingredients)

Having a few drinks after a hard week’s worth of work, or just to unwind a bit, is basically a tradition in the majority of the world. There’s just not quite anything that matches the feeling of having a cold drink in your hand as your senses start to get a little skewed.

However, with the economy how it is nowadays, going to the bar is a good way to miss your bills. Learning to make cocktails is a great idea to consider. Check out ClassBento which has some really great options.

If you do not have the time to make your own cocktails, maybe one of the below options can help.

1: Buy Ready to Drink Cocktails

First and foremost, this is for all the mixed drink lovers out there. If you want to have a high-quality cocktail at home without having to buy several types of alcohol and even more mix ingredients, just buy ready to drink cocktails.

Ready to drink cocktails are exactly what they sound like. They’re pre-mixed cocktails that come in a can. There are several advantages to these.

First, as we said, you can get cocktails at home without buying a ton of ingredients. Everything is already in the can, and the drink is ready to be enjoyed. However, you also enjoy a few other benefits.

They’re more consistent because they’re made in a factory instead of by bartenders that are rushing around trying to serve many people by themselves.

They’re also cheaper because mass-production allows for cheaper prices.

Finally, you can enjoy all your favorite cocktail blends with ready to drink cocktails, and you don’t sacrifice any quality. No matter what your favorite cocktail is, you can probably find it in a can.

2: Boiler Makers


This is a bar-drinking concept that you can easily recreate at home for even less than you do at the bar. Essentially, it’s a cheap way to get a buzz and enjoy a couple of drinks. It’s also incredibly simple.

Do you know the little party shooters that are sold at most liquor stores and gas stations? You buy one of those, and then you buy a tall boy. That’s it. There’s no mixing, shaking, putting whipped cream or sugar on rims, or any of that. It’s simply a shot and a beer.

 Most of the party shooters can be had for around $1, and the beer depends entirely on what you prefer to drink. Because you’re chasing your shot with a beer, you’ll definitely feel a bit of a buzz sooner. Two boiler makers and your average person will be at or close to their personal safe limits, and it costs less than getting a good cocktail at a bar.

3: Find a Liquor You Enjoy Neat

Of course, there is an even more straightforward way to get your drink on at home. Just find a liquor that you enjoy without having to turn it into a cocktail. You buy one bottle, and you’re good to go.

The other two are more creative, and they give you a more varied experience, but this is still a great option.

No matter what route you take, drinking at home is a great way to save money, avoid the dangers of driving intoxicated, and enjoy a great drink in the process.

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