Three Eco-Friendly Clothing Items to Boost Your Wardrobe

People are starting to turn away from traditional modern clothing items such as PU leather, mostly rubber shoes, and purses made from unsustainable materials. As such, you’re probably looking to upgrade your wardrobe to a more natural and sustainable norm.

Well, you’re in luck.

While more and more companies are making nature-friendly attire nowadays, it can be a little difficult to figure out just how vast your options are. Here are three main items you can buy affordably to enjoy eco-friendly clothing ASAP.

Eco-Friendly Canvas Bags

Purses are some of the biggest culprits of unsustainable materials. If they’re not made from leather, mink, or other animal products that encourage more farming than necessary, they’re made from various polymers that are bad for the environment as they’re being made and when they’re thrown away.

Canvas bags can be the solution to that problem. Canvas bags are made from all-natural plant fibers that are easily grown and made in an eco-friendly manner. They also last an extraordinarily long time, and when they’re thrown away, they’re biodegradable.

Upcycled Shoes

Most modern shoes are mostly rubber. The soles, structural parts, and various tidbits are all polymer and rubber because that’s cheap and easy to use without sacrificing too much durability. However, the production of those materials generates tons of atmospheric pollution, and when you throw those products away, they sit in landfills for hundreds of years; creating major problems for the environment.

Upcycled shoes still contain polymers, but they’re made from recycled polymers. This helps in two ways. They remove the need to manufacture new polymers, and they’re often made from items sourced from heavily damaged spots; a major example of this is the ocean. Many upcycled shoe producers use plastic pulled from the ocean.

These shoes can vary from minimalist options that, unfortunately, look very recycled, or they can be made by brands like Rothy’s that focus on maintaining modern fashion standards with upcycled materials.

The styles available are also widely varied. From simple sandals and beach shoes to zero-drop minimalist options, and even fancy formal wear options, you can find an upcycled shoe product to match any sort of attire or style.

100% Cotton or Wool Clothing

This is an option you don’t even have to go to a specialty brand for. However, if you do choose a specialty brand, you can ensure that they only source their materials from sustainable farms, practice ethical employment standards, and minimize their waste. So, it’s still worth looking for a reputable eco-friendly company to purchase these products from.

Either way, simply getting away from polyester and other synthetic materials to purchase 100% cotton or wool clothing has a major impact. Not only is the quality higher, but they’re biodegradable, and they don’t produce nearly as much pollution during production.

Cotton clothing should be purchased for spring and summer months due to its moisture-wicking abilities and general light-weight nature, and wool clothing is perfect for fall and winter when you really want to stay dry and warm. However, you have to make sure you don’t have a reaction to wool before committing to wool clothing options.

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