CBD has become part of the mainstream and now features in beauty products like lip balms, under-eye serums, lip revitalizers, and facial creams. Because of the many CBD brands in the hemp space, finding the best CBD beauty products can be challenging, and this article makes the search easy by sharing a list of the best and helping you know how to spot them among the rest.

Are you here for the best 10 CBD beauty products to try in 2022 and beyond? This article is for you. It does not offer medical advice that favors CBD but helps you know the best ten weed pen you must try this year. Finding the best CBD beauty products can be challenging, considering the many brands in the hemp space and each claiming to offer the best. This article focuses on the best brands and beauty products and what makes them the best. It also shared tips on how to spot the best CBD beauty care products from the masses. Let’s start with the best beauty products for you to try in 2022

i.                 JustCBD Cream

JustCBD is a veteran CBD brand, boasting about 5 years in the hemp space since its inception in 2017. Its professional shipping, research on CBD products, wonderful customer care service, and 3rd party testing are everything for us. Its product line features a relief cream which, besides the therapeutic value indicated on the brand’s website, serves as a wonderful beauty product. It features 100% natural, non-GMO US hemp and essential oils, which can revitalize the skin, helping you attain the youthful glow you have always wanted. The cream features 250, 500, and 1000 mg CBD concentrations in 2, 4, and 8 oz bottles, so you choose which one to go for depending on your budget. The brand has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee you can use to return the cream in case it does not meet your expectations.

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ii.               Pure Hemp Botanicals Lip Balm

If you are here for the best CBD beauty products, you cannot leave Pure Hemp Botanicals’ quality CBD products behind. Launched in 2015, the brand boasts about 7 years in the hemp space, which is impressive as far as CBD production experience is key. Its 100 mg CBD lip balm is among the best in the hemp space. It is made from pure organic, non-GMO US hemp and has nothing but organic ingredients. Besides, it is tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online so that you can confirm its quality before purchase.

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iii.             Beusail Beauty Products

Incepted on the ‘ethical and impactful’ mantra, Beusail commits to giving back to the UN sustainability goals through every one of your CBD orders. It is a brand that supports female-owned CBD brands that give back and deals in many CBD skin and beauty products. Its flagship CBD Gummies UK are the Kailo Organic Chakra therapy perfume, body oils, and Kansa Wand body and facial tools. Besides, it has an avalanche of under-eye serum, lotions, butter, body oils, and facial products you can shop to give yourself the glow you have wanted for the longest time.

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iv.             Evolution CBD Lip Revitalizer

Are you looking for the best CBD beauty products? Our list cannot be complete without Evolution CBD, a veteran brand known for quality CBD. Its clients appreciate its 45-day money-back guarantee through which you can return products that don’t meet your expectations. One of its best products is the lip revitalizer. It features 30 mg of pure organic CBD, potent enough to soften your lips. Many use the revitalizer for chirped and cracked lips and agree it is worth your cash. Remember, Evolution CBD deals in water-soluble products that know no boundaries.

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v.               Press Pause Project Glow CBD Capsules

Press Pause Projects is the place to go if you want ingestible CBD beauty products. The brand’s Glow 300 mg Oral CBD Drops are all you need to give yourself the youthful vibe and glow you have longed for. The container features 30 caps, each 10 mg CBD concentrated, potent enough to produce desired CBD effects. Press Pause Project was launched in 201 to help women become bold and achieve their goals. Today, it is one of the best CBD brands, taking pride in offering quality, non-GMO hemp-derived CBD.

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vi.             Palm Organix CBD Lotion

Although we apply lotions for skin care benefits, they also contribute to a vibrant look and great skin texture, especially if you get one that matches your skin. Palm Organix topical line features a CBD lotion you would love to apply for skin benefits and a great look. It is 150 mg CBD concentrated, potent enough to let you benefit from CBD and keep the effects lasting for long. The brand’s mantra is to produce quality, lab-tested, and natural CBD for effective results, and rest assured of reaping these benefits as you tap into the lotion. It offers free shipping and guarantees satisfaction, allowing you to return the lotion if it does not meet your expectations.

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vii.           Glee CBD Moisturizing Lotion

Another CBD beauty product you want to try in 2022 that will not let you down is Glee CBD moisturizing lotion. It features two concentrations; 500 mg in the 2 oz bottle and 1000 mg in the 54 oz bottle. The lotion is specially formulated with apricot, kernel, aloe, and essential oils to work on your skin and give it a vibrant look. At Glee CBD, the mantra is to naturally improve people’s health with plants, not pills. True to this, the 500 and 1000 mg CBD concentrated moisturizing lotions only feature organic ingredients.

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viii.         Nirvana CBD Lotion

Welcome to the world of CBD skincare and beauty products with lotions. Nirvana is one of the veteran CBD brands offering quality 3rd party tested products whose test results you can view online for confirmation before any purchase. The brand’s 600 mg CBD lotion is a powerful product formulated to help you manage inflammation and leave your skin a youthful tint. Besides, according to the website, the CBD lotion may help with joint pain, although research is needed to prove this. It features 600 mg of broad-spectrum formulation, allowing you to benefit from additional cannabis compounds without getting high.

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ix.             The Raw Botanicals Reef Raw Reflection Sunscreen

The Raw Botanicals is a California-based CBD brand using US hemp to make its products. The Raw Reflection Safe Spectrum CBD Sunscreen is one of the best CBD products you may want to use for skin and beauty reasons. It features broad-spectrum CBD, so you can get additional cannabis compounds from it but not get high since it does not have THC. The Raw Botanicals sunscreen costs $25, but by subscribing to the brand’s plan, you can buy it at $18.75, saving a few bucks. The sunscreen promises 80 minutes of water resistance and is non-greasy and safe for babies.

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x.               I Am JustBeauty CBD Beauty Products

I Am JustBeauty is one of the top brands whose CBD products you will not leave behind if you want something for the skin and beauty. Its beauty line is extensive, offering under-eye serum (150 mg), butter (500 mg), CBD night face oil (500 mg), and lip balm (50 mg). We love the brand since it deals in quality CBD beauty products made from US hemp and 3rd party tested for quality. Besides, all the beauty products are made with US hem and feature nothing but organic ingredients. The brand also boasts professional shipping and wonderful customer care service. It also guarantees satisfaction and allows you to return any beauty products in case of dissatisfaction.

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CBD Basics

Before spending much on CBD beauty products, you need to know the basics of CBD. For instance, what is CBD, and why do many find it quite appealing? According to Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis. The active chemical compounds in cannabis plants are collectively called cannabinoids and rare more than 100, CBD being one of them. CBD can come from many cannabis plants, but according to the Farm Bill, CBD is only legal if it is hemp-derived and features less than 0.3% THC per dry weight. Watt & Karl (2017) reported that CBD is therapeutic, and since many are after the therapy, CBD has only become more popular. Besides, Kicman & Toczek (2020) relate to the non-psychoactive nature of CBD, which many relate to and make CBD a part of their daily regime.

CBD in Beauty Products

CBD grows in the hype every other day, and its presence in the beauty industry is impressive. It has formed a major ingredient in beauty products, from revitalizers to lip balms to sunscreens. Of course, there is insufficient evidence to prove that including CBD oil in beauty products will lead to some unheard-of benefits, but many attest to the benefits of CBD in this regard. CBD beauty products are yet another way to explore CBD benefits without letting the cannabinoid into your system. CBD sunscreens, lotions, lip balms, and revitalizers, among other beauty products, are topically applied, so they don’t let CBD into your bloodstream, while you still stand a chance of exploring CBD benefits. Of course, if you choose CBD capsules as your key beauty product, you will still count on the cannabinoid’s benefits.

How to Use CBD Beauty Products

It is one thing to spend money on CBD beauty products, and it is another to benefit from them. More often than not, how much you can gain from CBD products depend on how well you use them. Thankfully, CBD beauty products are nothing out of the ordinary. The capsules, lip balms, body lotions, and lip revitalizers are like any other products, except that they feature CBD oil as an additional ingredient. Thus, you follow the same procedures you do when using other products and pay attention to special instructions. In the CBD world, you do well to pay attention to the instructions on product labels to find out if there is anything you need to do to get the most from skin care products.

How to Choose the Best CBD Skin Care Products

With the many CBD brands in the hemp space and most offering one or more beauty products, finding the best item to carry home can be challenging. Thus, you must be keen on your selection, or you will land low-quality beauty products that do not meet your expectations or match the value of your cash. Thankfully, knowing the guidelines to work by as you search for the best CBD beauty products goes a long way to influence your search. That said, here are the factors you must pay attention to as you go about finding the best CBD skin care products;

  1. Source of CBD; CBD can come from several plants in the cannabis class. However, the Farm Bill recognizes hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3% THC as federally legal, so ensure the CBD beauty product in question has hemp as the CBD source.
  2. Growing practices; having hemp as the source of CBD is not enough. Ensure the CBD beauty product you choose features the best growing practices, especially organic, to ensure the soil on which it is grown retains its pristine nature and that the final products feature no contaminants.
  3. Extraction method; while many may not pay attention to this, it is critically important. The CBD extraction method used tells how pure the product at hand will be. Many opt for the clean CO2 extraction method for contaminant-free CBD beauty products.
  4. 3rd party testing; with many beauty products from the many CBD brands in the hemp space, it can be challenging to gauge the quality of CBD. However, with 3rd party test results, you can tell how pure the beauty products are and what they feature.
  5. Cannabinoid content; many prefer CBD with extra cannabinoids and hemp compounds. If you share the same sentiments, you’d rather go for full-spectrum CBD beauty products instead of isolates.
  6. Contaminant purity; the 3rd party test results should reveal the purity of the CBD body products with respect to standard contaminants. The products should have no solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, or other standard contaminants.
  7. Relevant certification; working with brands that are certified by authorities is an added advantage when looking for the best CBD beauty products in 2022. If you can find brands that are FDA- or US Hemp Authority-certified, rest assured that the chance of using quality CBD is more than high.

CBD Beauty Product Pros

Besides knowing how to spot the best CBD beauty products from the masses, you need to know the pros and cons of the products to know if they are worth your hard-earned cash. The more you are acquainted with the CBD beauty product pros and cons, the more informed your choices will be. The best part of most CBD beauty products (except the ingestibles like capsules) is that you can reap CBD benefits without letting the cannabinoid into your bloodstream. Besides, if you long for THC but cannot ingest it because you take drug tests occasionally, the best route is to buy skincare or beauty products that don’t infiltrate THC but let you benefit from it. Lastly, most CBD beauty products are skin-friendly, so the chances of triggering irritation and negative skin reactions are quite minimal.

CBD Beauty Product Cons

Despite the many pros, you need to know that, like a coin with a head and a tail, CBD beauty products have their cons. Thus, as you contemplate venturing into them, you do well to recognize that there are cons you must deal with. For the most important part, scholars are concerned about the effectiveness of CBD in beauty products. Most CBD beauty products are topical, and studies question if the CBD in them is effective. Besides, although CBD does not have a history of causing irritation and negative skin reactions, there are exceptional cases when users have reported mild irritation. Still, it is unclear whether these effects originate from CBD or the extra ingredients in beauty products. In the meantime, you do well to read the ingredient list of any CBD beauty product you want to buy to affirm that it does not feature anything that will spark negative dermal reactions. The cost of CBD beauty products is yet another concern. Since they feature many ingredients, you have to pay handsomely for them.


CBD is slowly becoming part of the mainstream, and many beauty products feature it. As this blog shows, CBD is present in lotions, facial creams, beauty capsules, and lip balms, among many other beauty products. Many appreciate them since they allow you to tap into CBD benefits without letting the cannabinoid into the body. Because of the many CBD brands in the hemp space, finding the best CBD beauty products can be challenging. This article helps you to know the best CBD beauty products that will not disappoint you. It also shares tips on telling apart the best products from the masses, and we hope it makes your search easy.


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