You Are Not “The Guy” Without These Shoes

Shoes are necessary to elevate your style in both professional and personal situations, and a wrong shoe choice can destroy your charisma within seconds. Make sure that you own a pair of each of these shoes to have that “boss” look everywhere you go.

White sneakers

The essential shoes for a casual and trendy look are classy white sneakers. These shoes will go with the majority of your casual wardrobe and will give you a clean and versatile look. Moreover, they can be paired with jackets and blazers for a dressier look. However, do not compromise your suit’s style with white sneakers even if they look uniquely attractive.

Note that white sneakers come in different profiles, and no two styles should be mixed together. Go for shoes with simpler aesthetics as they will be used with various jeans, chinos, and pants.

Running shoes

Running shoes work as a lifeguard for many men as they can be worn for athletic purposes as well as with casual outfits. For the majority of outfits, you will have to stick with basic colours like black, white, grey and navy blue.  Colours like red will take eyes away from your outfit and are also overwhelming for many men.

These shoes can be made to look as good as a new pair by cleaning them regularly. Plus, you must buy shoes with white soles as they save them from looking childlike.

Suede driving moccasins

These shoes work the best in summers, but they can be worn throughout the year by stylish and charming men. Being very comfortable and light, they hold the middle ground between dress shoes and sneakers. These shoes can compliment any outfit except for a suit. To start with, you can buy dark brown shoes and improve your collection afterwards.

Remember, cheap mocs look loose around your feet and can also make you feel really uncomfortable at times. Moreover, use no-show socks and a guard spray to save the suede from liquids and dirt. It is expected that they will not stay for long due to regular wear, but their presence will give you a safe option in cases of lunch with friends or a movie date.

Dress shoes

These shoes need no introduction. They are best suited for business and other dressy occasions. One should have at least a pair of black or brown dress shoes to own the sharp look that suits possess. Likewise, dress shoes can be used to compliment jeans but on very rare occasions. Only rockstars should sport that look.

You can either buy a plain toe or a cap toe to match with different outfits on different days. Make sure that they are not broken and remain polished 24×7.

Leather boots

Classic leather boots are a must for those who like the sleek charm of leather as well as the hipster look. They will run for a lifetime while helping you in your daily tasks, especially if you live in colder climates. Leather shoes don’t need an introduction- they are popular for their amazing aesthetics, versatility and sheer comfort.

If you don’t own any of these pairs right now, its time to buy them. You never know when the right occasion springs up.

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