Why Use a Custom Tote Bag for Shopping?

The plastic bags we’re all used to shopping with are making their way out, and they’re being replaced with paper bags or reusable bags made from canvas. There’s a good reason for this. Plastic bags are extremely destructive to the environment, and it’s about time we got rid of them. You might be wondering how good the alternatives really are, though. 

Well, we’re going to focus on custom tote bags, today. 

These canvas bags are growing in popularity more now than ever, and in a lot of ways, we think they’re the best option for reducing your carbon footprint and looking kind of classy while you do it. 

Check this out. 

1: Keep Plastic Out of Landfills

Plastic fills landfills every year, it takes centuries to disappear, and it’s completely unnecessary. It’s one of the top contributors to global pollution, and much of it comes from plastic bags you get at the grocery store. 

Canvas tote bags are completely reusable, and they can last for years. So, you don’t need to use those destructive plastic bags. You just toss a few totes in your trunk, and whenever you go to the store, you pull out enough of them to carry whatever it is you’re buying back home. 

2: Save Money

Canvas bags can save you a little money over time, too. Many stores, whether by law or by choice, are starting to charge for those cheap plastic bags they used to hand out like candy on Halloween. While they pay a fraction of a cent per bag, they’re charging as much as ten cents for one, and in some places, they can charge 30 cents. 

That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but imagine needing ten bags at the 30-cent price some stores are using. That’s $3 on bags per shopping trip. If you shop once per week and use ten bags each trip, that’s $156 per year on something as unnecessary as plastic bags. 

Instead, you can spend about twenty dollars on canvas totes that will last for years and do the same job.  

When you do the math, it’s actually far cheaper. 

3: Style

No one has ever stopped to compliment someone on their Walmart grocery bag. However, if you get a custom tote with a little bit of self-expression printed on it, you can bet you’ll draw some attention at the store. 

This isn’t a big deal to everyone, and it can also look weird if you need a lot of bags at once unless you put most of them in your cart until they’re needed, but tossing one of those fancy custom-printed totes over your shoulder can round out your outfit, let you express your personality, and show a bit of style all at once. 

Shop Smart; Shop Green

You don’t have to do anything big to live a greener lifestyle. As you see here, there are plenty of little things you can do every day to make a big difference; especially when everybody gets on board. 

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