Why the Hypervolt Go is the Massage Gun for the Young Athlete

So while there are obviously many different massage guns available to massage young athletes, there are a few features I would look for if I was shopping for a massage gun for my son or daughter.

Gun Type

If you’re dealing with young athletes, a good starting point is just to look at the kinds of athletes that could use a massage gun. Athletes with joint stress (achilles, knees, shoulders, hips) can benefit from a massage gun with a long handle or other features that allow you to place it easily on their shoulder. Likewise, athletes that experience tension in their neck can use a Hypervolt Go massage gun with a long handle so they can position the gun lower on their neck to target their neck. Sports like skiing, soccer, football, tennis, and running will obviously require different massage techniques. 

However, it’s still important to be aware of the differences between massagers, and not just buy something that works for adults. Massage guns should have a limited reach, and your massage technique should always be mindful of your athlete’s limitations, so the kinds of massage guns you should consider have certain features that allow them to reach and massage in small spaces. If you’re thinking about buying a massage gun, be sure you check out the reviews of a model you’re considering for your specific sport.

Most athletes don’t necessarily have the ability to sit in one position for long periods of time. When they’re on the field, sometimes they’re standing, or it’s more of a struggle to find that position that allows them to really relax. A massage gun with a short handle and a limited reach could be a benefit when you’re in tight spaces.


As a parent, it’s tempting to put all of your kids’ toys on top of the top of your bookshelves or shelves in your garage or basement. But if your kid accidentally knocks the massage gun on the floor or steps on it, then you could be in big trouble. It’s important to remember that even small children can run into serious injuries when they fall off of something they’re not used to being on, so it’s important to have a secure mounting feature like a clamp to keep your massage gun off of the floor and out of harm’s way. If you want to be extra cautious, then you may want to consider an external clamp that you can attach to your Hypervolt Go massage gun.


There’s really no doubt that kids get bigger as they get older. However, there’s not much that makes me feel bad about handing my eight year old a $200 massage gun to use. One of the benefits of massage guns that have been marketed for young athletes is that they usually come with a small, sleek, massaging handle. 

But as young athletes get older, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s just that: an advantage, not a necessity. A young athlete can still get a massage using massage products that have the same features or make use of the same features as massaging toys for a grown-up. Taking all of these considerations into account, it becomes clear that the Hypervolt Go makes for the most logical choice for someone seeking the best massage gun for a young athlete.

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