You Can Now Eliminate the Gruelling Back Pain Experienced While Driving

Overlooking back pain while driving can often lead to serious spine issues. A feeling of discomfort while driving your car should be an alarm bell that has to be taken seriously. Go through the below-mentioned points to eliminate the experience of an overused and sore back.

Posture and seat arrangement

Our spine works the best when it rests in its natural S shape, but drivers tend to hunch and slump behind the wheel very often. You must try to align your whole back to the back of your seat. Make sure that you adjust the steering and the pedals so that your back never leaves your seat.

Plus, make sure that the seat’s height allows you to see the road comfortably. Your hips and knees should not be misaligned with your foot, or you will hit the steering in case of an emergency brake.  You might also like to square up the shoulders in such a way that you do not have to forward your elbows for taking turns. Also, adjust your side and back mirror in perfect position with your eyesight.

Steering wheel

Apart from the whole back, head and shoulders, you must also keep an eye on the placement of your arms.  For the most comfortable ride, you can hold the wheel at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock or even lower.  Normally, we tend to hold the wheel at 10 o’ clock and 2 o’ clock, which involves our back muscles while putting great pressure on our wrist muscles.


Long drives can be hectic even after sitting in the best posture possible. In such cases, we must focus on relaxing our muscles every now and then. One of the methods of refreshing our muscle is by exercising every time we stop our vehicle.

Try to rotate your neck anti-clockwise and clockwise till the moment you feel a bit light. Then, you will have to rest your head on the right and then left aside for some time. To complete the circuit, rotate the shoulders anti-clockwise and then clockwise.  Not only will these exercises remove the stiffness, but it will also provide enough warmth to keep inflexibility away.

Moreover, drinking more water can minimize dehydration risks and improves our muscle’s capability to support our structure.

Extra tweaks

Back pain has often been associated with inflammation. If you are suffering from acute back pain, then carrying an ice pack is a smart idea. The cold press eliminates inflammation and soreness while giving your relief from the body heat. There are numerous car refrigerators available in the markets that are custom made to fit your vehicle. 

Secondly, car cushions have always been a favourite among professional drivers.  They work to mitigate the vibrations caused by the bouncing and jolting of the car. Thus, the probability of any nerve tension decreases drastically.  On the other hand, you must maintain adequate air in the tires.

Have a safe journey!  A car ride is not meant to degrade your health. Staying alert and aware is your only option for good health.

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