The Ultimate Minimalist Backyard Design

Minimalist home designs that typically harbour ultra-modern interiors are often marred by their paring with outdoor spaces that make for a total mismatch. Traditional gardens such as those you’d find hugging a cottage definitely have their place, but these types of gardens do nothing to complement domestic building structures which fall under the minimalist category.

So the ultimate minimalist backyard design is exactly that – minimalist, made of only a few essential elements.

Outdoor furniture that has a clear function

Teak outdoor furniture comes into focus as the preferred option for a minimalist backyard, because of its clean and polished appearance. It’s not a matter of populating your backyard with as much of it as you can though. Rather, only pieces which are actually going to be used should form part of your backyard garden, such as putting the garden chairs away when they’re not going to be used any time soon.

Tables can be left out as they typically make for some kind of backyard garden focal point, but in true minimalist style, you’d rather have two or more smaller teak wood garden tables than one massive one.

The general rule of thumb is that if somebody looks at your outdoor furniture, it should look like it has recently been used or that it’s just waiting to be imminently used.

Remove the lawn altogether

Sadly there is no place for a traditionally thirsty and high-maintenance lawn in what you’d want to refer to as a minimalist garden. As is the case with outdoor furniture, you only really want to place elements in the garden which have a clear function. Modern-day minimalist beauty resides in functionality, so lawns should be removed altogether if you already have one, or completely foregone if you were perhaps thinking of getting one installed.

Granted, it will be a more cumbersome route to take but have the lawn removed manually to preserve the fertility of the soil as opposed to killing it off.

Gravel rocks, paving or decking

If you’ve decided to pave over the area where the lawn was, it’s okay to remove it by killing it, as this will have you convinced that you’ll never try to grow anything again. But nothing beats having a garden or a backyard where you can sit and relax for a while or even host an outdoor party. You might not need to reserve another venue for a small gathering. You can simply decorate the area and go about your business. It takes very small things to make a garden look even more beautiful. Also, garden decor ideas, when combined with a minimalistic approach, may also provide you with the most visually appealing outdoor space.

One very big tree

Even if you would have had to pave around it, one very big tree should make for the focal point of the quintessential minimalist backyard garden. It might take a while to grow to its maximum size, but it would be clear that that tree is earmarked to become the focal point, provided it is maintained well and is properly trimmed with the help of Tree Removal services or other professionals.

Controlled plants

Don’t go overboard with the plants if you want your garden to be referred to as a minimalist’s one. While the cultivation of plants is always encouraged, functionality once again comes into focus. The plants you cultivate should be controlled, such as the few you do indeed plant housed in teak wood garden planters and other types of plant pots. It should have a non-committal appearance.

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